Her Story

Standard Sunday afternoon recovering from the weekend antics whilst sitting on the couch and what felt like the 55th swipe of no, mmm no, and hard no.

Wait a second… “OH – you are SO my girl’s type!” Okay. Screenshot. Playing Cupid I sent Brian’s profile to her and what do you know?? It’s a match! Cool.

So 24 hours before this thing expires, without delay I sent a short message and a pic asking his thoughts. Typical… Brian was only in town for the weekend 🙄

His Story

Sitting at the airport, I was waiting to leave San Diego from a long business trip and naturally needed some mindless swiping until my flight was boarding.

I didn’t even have the chance to explore the local beauties, and what do you know, a few swipes in and I was matched with Sherise… who then sent me a novel. 🙇

At the end of her message, she attached a picture of a cute brunette. Well played Sherise. I hadn’t really been set up through a dating app, but what the heck.

Unfortunately, my flight was now boarding and I had no way to cancel… too bad.

While we didn't get the chance to grab drinks that night, Brian came out to visit a few months later. Taking him to buzzing night spots, scenic hikes, and hole in the wall coffee shops transpired a new discovery that only meeting locals could give. It was like having a personal tour guide.

Who knew that crashing bumble dates could establish a common passion for exploration! How many times were you traveling and on a dating app “in town for the weekend” and looking for suggestions? How many times have you asked locals or people at the bar where to go and what to see on a random night?

Some of our most memorable adventures while traveling are from meeting people who know the ins and outs of the city. Instead of swiping on all the hotties out there, we are matching experiences with like-minded people. Get your swiping fingers ready - Do as the locals do - Locali.

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